Malaysia Steps Up Fight Against Illegal Gambling And Illegal Operators

The Malaysian government has met with the country’s legal gambling operators to strengthen their policy of tackling illegal operators. It emerges from this meeting that the fight operated by the authorities is being felt at the level of commercial results for the first quarter of 2019. Also, strict punitive laws against illegal operators and players who bet with these operators are seriously considered.

Regulators, politicians and operators around the same table

The Malaysian government has entered into discussions with all of the country’s gambling operators. The operators called to the meeting were all operators in good standing. The purpose of the meeting was precisely to find ways to move forward in the fight against illegal casino operators. This is why the meeting brought together senior government officials, the country’s police, the Minister of Finance, Bank Negara Malaysia and the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission around the same table. The meeting was also held with licensed gambling operators in the city of Putrajaya for several days.

The work produced interesting results. An operator who took part in the talks told reporters that lawmakers and politicians are seriously considering implementing adequate legal rules to end illegal gambling in Malaysia.

Indeed, the Malaysian legislation in force already dates. Licensed operators and all players in the game of chance are subject to laws that are more than 40 years old. These include the 1952 Lotto Act, the 1953 Betting and Common Places of Gambling Act, and the 1967 Multiple Betting Act.

The need to strengthen this fight which is already bearing fruit

The Malaysian government seems to have recognized the need to update the laws governing gambling in the country, given the situation in the sector. But before that, the authorities want the laws still in force to be mastered by the operators. This is why they have started a learning process, which aims to clarify the field of legal gambling for the greater good of licensed operators.

In the opinion of legal operators, the government should apply strong measures against illegal operators. On the commercial level, illegal operators posted entries two to three times higher than those of legal operators. For a long time.

But since the second half of 2018, these numbers have been dropping. Experts say that this decline in illegal gambling is due to the consolidation measures and operations to fight against illegal gambling that the Malaysian government has set up. Thanks to this policy, the legal gambling industry grew in the first quarter of 2019. Operator Nerjaya Sports Toto and Operator Magnum performed better than last year.

The new laws that are announced will be tough on all players in illegal gambling. Licensed gambling operators want illegal operators to be punished in the same way as punters who call and play with these operators. They even advocate fines, and jail time.